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The Latest News of Our Comings and Goings.

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Did you feel that?

Six months just blew by.  I hardly got a good look at them.

Let's recap, shall we...

  • The Texas Renaissance Festival wrapped up their 2013 year.  Those who joined us were able to witness the many changes that the TRF staff have implemented in the camp grounds as well as inside the faire itself.  This year we had real showers, a new family camping area and expanded camping in several areas. 
  • Back in January the crew made two trips out to the Sherwood camp site in order to complete one old project and several new projects.  If you had an opportunity to join us in camp this year, then you saw the bare spot where Mount Procrastination once stood.  Yes, the dirt mound is finally gone.  All of that dirt went to some good use.  Lady Celestia and Lady Ravyn used that dirt to build two new planters in the site.  One is up front under the clan sign and makes a good seating place for tired road travelers.  The other planter was built inside the site around the big pine near the kitchen, creating a nice seating area for campers.  Both ladies did an awesome job.  The rest of the dirt was used by Hardtack to create a level pallet for the deck to sit upon.  This greatly reduced the rocking of the boat for the duration of the season.
  • Scarborough?  Yes, even Scarborough has come and gone now.  A few our crew were able to make the trip.
  • Milestones?  Yes, two of our ladies celebrated a life milestone back in April.  Lady Celestia and Lady Kitara both turned 40 this year.  They celebrated their birthday with a themed party at a very nice house on Clear Lake.

Upcoming Events:

  • The pirate princess will be turning 8 years old this month.  I'd like to know where those eight years went.
  • The next Sherwood gatherings will be August 22-24 and September 12-14.
  • The Sherwood Celtic Music Festival and Highland Games will be September 20-21 and 27-28.  That is correct, TWO weekends of music and fun this year.
  • And finally, in October the 2014 season of the Texas Renaissance Festival begins.

Wrap it up...

Planning will take place on the forum for the upcoming events.  The crew should login and keep yourselves updated. Our participation at TRF this year is currently undetermined.  Once that information has been ironed it will be posted a new article.  Look for that info to be available closer to October.

If you are finding the clan for the first time and would like information, please email us at pirates@procrastinatingpirates.com.

See ya at the faire.