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Flushing out the bilge rats...

You probably won't notice, but the site has been moved to an entirely new host.  The site is no longer being hosted by Yahoo.  Now the site hosted locally in Texas by

The need to move the site was based on Yahoo's ever slowing servers.  The hope is that the new host will be much faster, creating a more enjoyable visit to the virtual home of Clan Procrastination.

During the transition, there may be some bilge rats that need to be flushed out.  Hopefully, all will be set right by the end of the day.

Please email the crew if you find anything not right.  Also note, any new content that may have been added yesterday will not be here as the database was moved in the middle of the day.  If you find some of your content missing, please forgive us and repost it.

That is all for now.