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Hello Anonymous,

This is your periodic update of the happenings for CP.

Latest News

I know! You're completely caught off guard. Thought the crew's newsletter had died off didn't ya? Pleasantly surprised? You oughta be.

Yes, the newsletter machine has been dusted off and fired up for another mass mailing. In order to report on our 2018 Sherwood season and just in time to bring to your attention another intiation party coming up very soon.

Keep reading for more from the crew.

Upcoming Events

This weekend will be the seventh of eight weekends; The next to last weekend; The penultimate weekend of the 2018 season; 1197 is nearly over! If you've been meaning to get out to the forest, I dare say, you are running out of time.

Initiations: Yes, it is time to usher in a new haul of recruits. Our last village raid netted us twenty-one new sailors who've decided to stay aboard and sail with the laziest captain on these deep blue seas. Come out closing weekend, April 20 through 22 to meet your new crewmates and to welcome them aboard.

Potluck: Due to the celebrations of our new crew we will be holding a potluck dinner Saturday night. Visit the group event for Weekend 8 in our Facebook group to get details and to let us know if you will be bringing a dish.

Facebook: Visit with us in our private facebook group. If you don't currently have access to the group, find Lady Kitara (aka Janet Riberdy Wrenn) or Lady Celestia (aka Jessica Corbett) and either one of them will help you out.

Website: Don't forget to visit the website often. If you've forgotten your username, send the captain an email and he'll help to get ya fixed up. The email address can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

Final Remarks

Last weekend, we enjoyed the second annual "Battle of the Clans" to benefit "Knights of the Grail". Our clan now has five qualified archers, three of which took part in the test of skills Saturday night. The events were complicated and really challenged our archers. There is too much to say about this event for such a short newsletter, but we will say Well Done to Travis, Laura and Garreth for doing such an awesome job representing Clan Procrastination.

We would also like to give a salty welcome to our newest stow aways, Lydia, Molly and Katherine. We enjoyed your company and hope you enjoyed our dinghy accomodations.

That is all for now crewmates. Stay dry, stay up wind of stinky air, and always put off today, what can be accomplished eventually.

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