Our Sixth Season of Sherwood Forest Faire

Lorde Charles's picture

Good day Crew mates and stowaways,

We have survived the first three months of twenty-fifteen and lived to tell the tale.  Unfortunately, we cannot script our own lives, so we have to roll with the waves and fight to keep our heads above water. Tough times abound for sure.  Fortunately, we have our Fairemily there to greet us with a friendly smile and a warm embrace.  It is for the Fairemily that we have our clan and it is because of the crew of our clan that our Fairemily grows.

We are now approaching the end of the sixth season of SWFF.  There are only two weekends remaining.  Next weekend, beginning March 19 for most of us, is the long spring break weekend.  The faire will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The campgrounds will open on Thursday.  We've had a lot of fun up to this point, though there has been one nasty weather weekend.  In all, the season has been fun and mostly stress free.

In camp we have some new faces. Among them are the Hatch family, Greybeard and Lady Colleen, and Greybeard's daughter Lady Melissa accompanied by her daughter, Princess Hannah. The Hatch family joined us in our TRF encampment, where we ended up shipless as someone left the boat docked at SWFF.  That weekend was fun none the less and the Hatch crew have joined us again, now aboard the Procrastinator, at Sherwood.

Additional stowaways this season, the newlyweds Lorde Lightfoot, better known as Will Scarlet of the SWFF cast, and his lovely new bride Grace O'Malley.  With the addition of Lightfoot, our on board cast member population has grown to four.  We hope that they have found a comfortable spot in camp and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Some were unaware, but the Procrastinator has a ghost crew. Our ghost crew are friends and relatives of our camp elf and permanent stow away, Polly Po Po.  The ghost crew purchase FoF passes each year but are not regular campers, however they claim Clan Procrastination as their group which gives us credit for their wandering souls. This season, two of the specters emerged from the ether and joined us in camp.  Doug and Andrea found a spot to haunt for a weekend and it was very nice to finally meet them and share our camp with them.  Along with Doug and Andrea, though they preferred a room at the inn, Lorde Robert the Good and Lady Eloise came and spent a couple of nights on deck, sharing stories and songs.  Lorde Robert has also introduced us to cargo net weaving which all of the crew shall soon take part in.  Yes,  I said SHALL!

Moving right along with our roster of stowaways, from the Scarborough realm came some friends of our resident archer, Celestia. The Scarborough crew were Lorde Aaron, Lady Lauren, Lorde Josh and Lorde Andrew. It was fun to have them aboard and we hope to see them again for the Sherwood Vs. Scarby shoot-off this coming weekend.

This past weekend the ship received a distress message from the harbor patrol.  Seems the general anchorage had filled and a wanderer was in need of a safe place to lay her head. Moments later we met Lady Michelle.  Michelle was quite prepared to be camping on her own, but seemed happy to find a clan that not only had space, but a vacant cabin, requiring no extra work from her other than to setup her bed roll and then join us on deck for some laughter and fine camaraderie. Lady Michelle enjoyed her time with the crew and asked to join us again.  We hope to see her again before the end of the season.

Many improvements have been made to the Clan P. encampment.  If you have not had an opportunity to visit camp and see the new additions, we hightly recommend it.  Of course, if you are unable to come out and play this season, we hope that you will join us for an upcoming work weekend.  We are making plans to build a kitchen and a permanent deck.  Our plans must first be approved by the harbor master, but once they are we will put out a call for all hands on deck.  If you are able to help in any capacity, slave labor, lunch provider or water distribution technician, your efforts will be greatly appreciated. Stay alert for the call.

Our upcoming activities have yet to be determined. Keep an eye on our forum and Facebook group for announcements.

Until the next writing, may your winds be favorable and sails always full.