Octoberfest Cometh and Goeth

Lorde Charles's picture

This past weekend, October 11 and 12, was the opening weekend of, and marked the 40th anniversary of, the Texas Renaissance Festival.

The Procrastinators were light in attendance, but we were joined by some new stow aways.  On board were the current captain, Lorde Charles and his lovely lady, Lady Kitara.  They naturally brought along their daughter, the pirate princess.  Completing the crew for the weekend, our mistress of heavenly bodies, Lady Celestia.

Our stow aways for the weekend are all TRF regulars.  One family have been regular campers for as many years as the clan, and the other family were camp virgins.  Lorde Ray, Lady Colleen, Lady Melissa and Princess Hannah are no strangers to the TRF campgrounds, but are first time campers with the crew.  Lorde Chris and Lady Wendy were taken quite by surprise at the energy of the grounds and were thankful to have had the opportunity to test the waters with a seasoned crew.

Camp setup began in the late morning of Friday, October 10.  The captain and family arrived with the bulk of the gear and began the process of determining how to lay out the camp.  This year, we decided to try a new spot.  TRF had cleared a large area of land which used to be thick forest.  Now, the new area sits to the far west of the general campground and is much higher in elevation.  A much sought after feature in a campground known to flood in heavy rains. The crew chose a spot at the top of the hill and began to setup tents.  Short, passing showers, helped to keep them cool as they worked.  By roughly 3pm the camp setup was complete and a trip to town was required to replenish ice as well as pick up some forgotten items.

The rest of the group arrived as the evening progressed, with everyone gathered around the camp fire by 10pm.  We were all tired, but happy to be in camp and ready for a weekend of fun inside the faire.

The weather for opening weekend was tolerable.  Light showers woke us Saturday morning and visited the faire off and on throughout the day.  This of course would bring some relief from the heat, followed by thick humidity which is not uncommon to us in the deep south.  Saturday night was overcast, cool and filled with food, laughing, great conversation and even a floor show put on by the girls.  It should be mentioned that the girls were inseparable all weekend, and even made a few dollars as they would sing while walking through faire.  This proves that cuteness pays.

The dreaded camp breakdown came much too early on Sunday.  Actually, most of us slept in until cannon.  However, like it or not, the camp had to be striked and friends must part ways.  A few us lingered in faire for a few extra hours before bidding the village a tired farewell and returning to the real world.

Another opening weekend is behind us.  Like the other openings in the past, it went by too fast.  Many of us will not be able to camp at TRF again this season.  To those who do, may you have a safe journey to the village and I look forward to seeing you all in Sherwood next year.