2014 - What a ride

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December is finally here and it is now time to reflect on the year thus far.  

As we have for several years now, the clan started the year off right with ten weekends of the Sherwood Forest Faire.  Ten?  You may ask.  If you did ask, then you were not part of the work parties that shoveled dirt, stacked bricks, pulled weeds, planted floral and simply improved the Clan Procrastination camp.  Don't worry if you feel guilty, it's that time again.  More on that later.

Sherwood as a whole did not let us down.  It was truly a peaceful and fun time in the forest.  For the most part, the weather was agreeable.  The wares were exceptional.  The cast, the heart of Sherwood, made us feel at home in the shire.  But, for all the great that is SWFF, our numbers in camp have fallen.  Unfortunately, the economy has been unkind to many of our fairemily, and the real world has held captive others of the crew.  It is also true that some members are less inclined to join us in camp anymore.  It is for these reasons that we need to focus on our membership.  But that is a topic for another time.

As soon as the last spirit left the forest of Sherwood, the gates of the Scarborough village opened.  The clan did not have a large gathering at Scarby this year, however our very own archer, Lady Celestia, made the trip multiple times throughout the season and even came away with prizes for a second place and third place standing in the archery tournaments.  Lady Celestia also participated in a shoot-out between the archers of Sherwood and the archers of Scarborough.  Seems the archers of Scarby were bested on their own soil.

Many other faires run throughout the year, however our crew were not much for traveling this year.  Not surprising since modern transportation is expensive to fuel and cannot be powered solely on the wind.

As fall approached, our anticipation of the largest faire in Texas increased.  October brought the opening of the 40th season of the Texas Renaissance Festival.  TRF broke records as faire visitors from all over enjoyed the ambiance of New Market Village.  This year the clan gathered again for the opening weekend of TRF.  However, once again our numbers were small.  Fortunately, camp was still active and fun as we were joined by some new friends who spent the weekend in Camp Procrastination.  The Fields of New Market were expanded this year and therefore, we decided to try a new spot.  At the completion of the weekend, the verdict was unanimous, no one liked the new spot.  Guess we'll try again next year.

For the first time in ten years, the clan was not present for closing weekend this year.  Our captain and family had obligations which prevented them from attending and a commitment from other members could not be obtained. 

Now, as we near the the close of the fourteenth year of the twenty-first century, it's time to look ahead to twenty-fifteen.  Immediately upon us are the last of the SWFF work weekends.  These are the work weekends that we use to prepare our site for eight weekends of habitation.  As we do every year, we begin now the begging of crew to come out and help.  This year, the tasks will be fairly minor as we haven't any funds to add anything new to the site.  So we will need to be out to clean the site of weeds, cut fire wood, clean off and level the deck, clean up the parking area and re-adjust the lines around the trees.  This is the time to come forward to remove that guilt you are feeling from missing last years work weekends.

A clan leader meeting has been schedule for this weekend as well.  If you were not aware, Lorde Charles, Lady Kitara and Lady Celestia are your Clan Procrastination representatives to the Faire.  

We are hoping to have some new stow aways in camp this year.  Please welcome them and help them to feel at home during their stay with us. We also need a commitment from our members to buy FoF passes.  Remember, our claim to our land is only good so long as we keep up our attendance.  Every FoF pass bought under the Clan Procrastination name counts as a warm body in camp.  If you are able, please purchase an FoF pass and be sure to put Clan Procrastination in the camping group box when you do.  That way the crew gets credit for your warm body.  If you are not able to swing the cash for a pass, please at least try to come out for the big three weekends.  The "Big Three" are opening, spring break and closing weekend.  These are the weekends when attendance in camp will be counted by the powers that be.  With all of the work that we have put into our site, we would hate to lose our claim.

On the topic of warm bodies, if you have a friend who you believe would be a good fit in the group, please bring them along.  The crew was put together to create a fun place to return to after a long day at the faire.  It is comprised of The Best: rogues, maidens, fae, commoners, courtesans, scallywags and fantasy folk that this fine world has to offer.  We would like to see it survive and grow.  Clan Procrastination was born of orphan rennies, looking for a home.  We are always looking for others who have no fairemily and who enjoy our company to join our crew.

So comes to a close, this last of the articles from your Captain, for this year.  Please visit the forum to keep up to date on the current events.  Visit the Facebook page to know when articles and forum topics have been posted.  Follow us on twitter, well, just because.  And above all, come to camp and share in the camaraderie.

Fare winds and Fare Seas and Hope to see you aboard the Procrastinator soon,