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Good Day Ren Faire Junkies

I have a short break as I sit here in the Hobby airport waiting for my flight to start boarding.  It seems like a good time to write a note about our cleanup day yesterday, Saturday Feb 5.

We had a small group of five on site yesterday.  We arrived at 10am and unanimously concluded that the parking area would be our primary concern.  I will post images as soon as I can.  Until then I'll try to describe the scene:

Our good friend, and camp manager, Mike, along with help with from other ambitious bodies, were able to put a dent in the disaster created by the dozer driver hired by faire management to create extra space for the participants camp ground.  But a dent big enough for possibly three vehicles was about all they were able to do.

So my dedicated crew and myself, with chainsaw, ax, shovels, rakes, cutters and brute force, attacked the remainder of the piled up berm and cut us a new parking area.  The new area is about twice the size of the old area thanks to the dozer driver and the faire changing their minds on where the new fence was to be placed.

The downside,(theres always a downside), we don't exactly have permission to cut into this area.  Also, if it rains, we will not be able to park there without fear of being stuck in the mud.

What I hope for the future - I hope the faire will consult us the next time they want to make such huge changes to our camp grounds.  If nothing else, purely out of consideration.  Because the faire did not take the time to contact us to see how their planned changes might affect us, I did not check with the faire when I made the command decision to cut us a new parking area.  Hopefully, we'll be able to make a compromise with the faire that will allow us to keep this area and possibly open it up more for our neighboring clans (with the help of faire labor of course).  There is still a lot of free space there that is not adequate for camping but would make an excellent parking area with just a little work to prevent cars from getting bogged down in mud should the rains come.

So the good news is that we will have a place to park come opening weekend (assuming Mike doesn't blow a gasket and tell us we can't use the new cleared area that we spent all day working on.)  Also, the girls took some time to cleanup our camp site as well.  Because of this extra labor, there is no more work that needs to be done.  That being said, we did not clean the entire site, so be prepared to pull up roots before you setup your tent.  Especially if you intend to leave your tent up all season.  If you do not pull up the roots, you will have a yaupon bush growing up through the floor before closing weekend.

Remember, opening weekend is only two weeks away.  Get yourselves prepared.  I highly recommend the Friends of Faire pass if you can swing it.  See the Sherwood website for details.  See you all at the faire - Smooth Sailing.