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My Fellow Crew Mates,

As we watch the skies for any and all approaching tropical disturbances, work continues to get us ready for the festivities planned for opening weekend of TRF 2010.  If you thought you were getting out of this without pitchin' in - Yer Wrong!  Everyone has as job to do.

First, Please logon to the site.
Next, vote on the polls for this TRF season.  Polls can be accessed from the main menu on the left side of the page.
Then, stop by the forum and contribute your desires for the upcoming events.

update your profile.

We are now four weeks and three days from opening cannon.  That means four weeks and one day from camp setup.  It'll be here before you know it.

The invites are just about done and should go out this weekend (Via Email).  If you plan to attend, whether just to have fun or whether to be initiated, you must let us know.  We need to know how much space to reserve as well as how much food to expect to prepare.  We will need extra items for opening weekend.  Please let me know if you can provide  a canopy, table, chairs or a spare tent.

My personal chores are coming along.  The entire bottom portion of the deck has been water sealed.  This weekend I will be putting on the top poly layer and finishing up the hand hold cuts.  If anyone would like to come by on Friday or Sunday to help, please be my guest.  Saturday I have a Moody Gardens date with my daughter.  One the deck is completed I will begin the work on the cannon.  I've just acquired some tubing, not a bad start.

Now for Sherwood news.  I talked with Eric, one of the faire owners.  He confirmed that the faire had nothing to do with the cutting down of our trees.  Thats good news and bad news.  Its good that I don't have to boycott the faire now, but it means that another clan has been cutting down trees that don't belong to them.  Janet and I are pretty sure who did it.  I'll be raising hell with the camp ground manager and possibly burning down another camp.  We'll just file that under "Raiding Party".

Other than our trees, our site looks very good.  Eric confirmed that we will get to keep our parking area and the faire will work with us to get our parking area cleared again.  There is still some work to be done but won't happen until after TRF closes.  Keep your December to February open.

That wraps up this short note.  Enjoy your September.  Don't get blown away by any Tropical Weather Systems.