October 2010

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Let's Hear It For Fall...

Here in the south we still have a month or two before we have to begin worrying ourselves about winter clothing, so pity the poor fools north of the Mason Dixon.

And while pitying the Northerners lets say a thanks to the deity of choice that October has arrived, and with it's arrival comes

our final chance this year in Texas to don our garb and walk the lanes of a village lost in time.  October 9 marks the opening of the Texas Renaissance Festival season.  Eight weekends of feasting, drinking, merriment, camping, spending, walking, accenting, fire breathing, drumming, spending, socializing, jousting, singing, shopping; an all around good, possibly expensive, time.

For the Procrastinators, the schedule shows that the main body of the crew will be camping opening weekend, pirate weekend and closing weekend.  The front page and calendar will be kept up to date during these weekends to keep us all in sync.  Please don't forget to utilize the forums for the latest news and information.

Opening weekend, as stated many times, is the Procrastinator's initiation weekend.  As our clan is quite young when compared to others, this will be the very first initiation ceremony.  As such, every member who has camped with the clan on a regular basis has been invited to take the plunge.  But, not only will our regulars be stepping off the plank, but our founders will also be forced at sword point to embarrass themselves for the enjoyment of all in attendance.

Entertainment has been planned and the crew has come together to make sure that Saturday night is a fun and relaxing night.  I invite all who can attend to come join us.  Walk upon our freshly polished deck, gaze upon our newly updated mast, watch the flame and smoke billow from our newly built mock cannon, and listen to the real talent of the real live band.