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I mean Summer Time...

So here we are, baking in the doldrums of summer.  Cool breezes are nearly non existent.  In fact we watch our sails hang loosely from their halyards praying for any puff of air at all.  As we sit here, bathing in our own sweat and salt, we know that the distance between our planet and the big fiery star in the sky becomes greater and the coolness of fall is not too far away.


So, grab up a glass of iced tea, as we are Texas Pirates, find a shady spot, and enjoy the warmth.  Bake in that beautiful tan.  Coming up will be the Texas Renaissance Festival.  Only two short months till we make a landing in Plantersville and New Market Village.


Up coming: Work of course.  But there's no deck to scrub and varnish this summer.  Rather, we have some camp site work that must be done in the Sherwood Forest.  We need some warm bodies with strong backs to lend a hand.  Face it, in August, ALL bodies are HOT bodies.  All crew are encouraged to log in and update yourselves with the happenings.  We have lots to do and little time to get it done.  The more hands we have, the lighter the work and the faster it will get done.  Please make the weekend of August 23 - 25 available for crew work.

Texas Renaissance Festival, the opening weekend is October 12.  A bit later this year, but that may mean a bit cooler.  Maybe we'll get some nice fall temperatures for Oktoberfest.  Plan to sail with the crew as we set up for the weekend in the TRF camp.  Opening weekend of TRF is the first of the two big crew camp outs during the TRF season.  Come out and participate in the camaraderie that can be found nowhere else but aboard the Procrastinator, around a fire with good piratey folk, and great spirits.

As always, thanks for stopping by the home of Clan Procrastination.  For more info email us.  We're happy to make up answers to any questions you may have.

Until next time - keep your sails full and may our God grant you safe travels.