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Fellow Piratical Crew Mates,

August has just about come to a close.  The opening of the Texas Renaissance Festival is only six weeks away today.  Hopefully, those with tasks are working hard to get their tasks completed.

I for one have just about completed the staining of the deck.  Once that is complete, I am going to under take the building of a cannon that will be used during our initiations, and possibly to launch tennis balls as ravers (o:

Entertainment for our initiation

celebration is being lined out. I will set up a vote shortly so that all members can choose who they would like to have.  I will leave the vote open for one or two weeks ONLY.  I need this narrowed down asap so that I can get the chosen band booked.  Stop by the forum for links to each band - then vote in the poll on your chosen band.

I've slacked on sending out the initiation invitations - So if you haven't received yours yet, don't fret, neither has anyone else (o:  I will get these out shortly, I promise.

Coming up - Next weekend (Labor Day) will be a work day at Sherwood.  If you are interested in joining us, please stop by the forum and let us know. 

Some of us will be driving up to Sherwood in the morning to look at the site so that we know what we'll be up against.  I will post our findings in the forum.

Thats all for the August closing notes - Stay tuned for the September write up.