Clan Update - July 2010

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To our fine piratey family,

It's been awhile, I know this.  I'm sure we've all been busy this summer with family pillaging and raiding, perhaps even some personal debauchery.  I pray you all have had a great summer thus far.

The beginning of the year was a blast as we watched the Sherwood Forest Faire evolve over its season of six short weeks.  There have been two work weekends since the closing of SWFF, however, as stated above, we've all been very busy.  With any luck some of us will be able to make at least one of these weekends to keep the site cleaned up.  I'll keep everyone posted to what those dates are.  The next weekend will be July 24.  No one is currently scheduled to make it.

A couple of our clan were able to make it to Scarborough.  During one trip, a couple of faire hamsters were befriended and will be added as clan mascots.  On another trip, well we'll get to that later.

Coming up - TRF...

But not just any old year of TRF.  No!  This year is a significant year for Clan Procrastination.  You see, SWFF was not just a great faire to attend, it made for unexpected advertising of all of the established clans.  Similar to a universities fraternity rush, SWFF made it easy for clanless souls to wander the clan circle and meet the members.  Thanks to signage and location, our name became familiar.

So, as the clanless came and talked and drank with us, asking many questions of our establishment, it became quite clear to those of us who were present, that we were poorly lacking in some areas of clanship.  So a decision was made.  Initiations!

Thats right my fellow sea dogs - Its time to make y'all official.

With that said, here is the game plan:

TRF opening weekend will be the day we take the plunge (Yes PLUNGE).  We who meet the requirements listed below will be officially initiated into the clan.  I promise the initiations will be fine family fun for all involved.

To be considered for initiation, the pledge must meet the following criteria:
1) Have camped or participated in activities with the group six to eight times. (Does not need to be consecutive)
2) Must be accepted by all current elders of the clan

If you meet the above criteria, a formal invitation to be initiated will be sent to you.

The initiation process will consist of taking an oath, walking a plank and singing a song.
SINGING A SONG!  The Hell You Say!
Yes, my friends, an initiate-ee will have to compose their own verse to "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" by Relient K.

I expect this years opening weekend of TRF to be a blast.  I hope all 40 members of this list will be able to attend and cheer on those who agree to be publicly humiliated (in good fun of course).

In other news - Holy Crap - We have some congratulations to offer up.
First to Troy and Leslie.  While visiting the village at Scarborough, Troy was able to swoon an "affirmative" to his proposal of life long bondage, eh, marital bondage, from our very own Vixen of the seas.

And also, to Martin and Dawn.  Martin and Dawn's union will be the first inter clan marriage that I know of.  The good soul Martin comes to us from Clan McLotofus, who is our unofficial sister clan.

To our new Masters recipient, Jessie.  Jessie has finally wrapped up her scholastic journey and obtained her masters in space architecture.  Her next assignment will be to build us pirate stronghold on a distant planet (o:

And finally to the Cook family who will be moving into a new abode shortly.  May the spirits of good house keeping smile kindly upon them.

And that my friends sums up this 2010 summer swim suite edition of the procrastination news.

Please enjoy the rest of your summer and I hope to see everyone who can make it on October 9 when we make sail for another season of TRF.

The Captain