August Update

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The Latest News of Our Comings and Goings.

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We've cruised through July and are now bounding into August

October is not too far off and so many things still have to be done.  Most importantly, the rest of the members need to start making appearances on the site and contributing their thoughts.

Here is a quick update on the preparations for opening weekend.

I have been slowly making headway on the deck.  I have three sections which have had their bellies water sealed.  This leaves nine more sections to go.  Once that is complete, then the top side will get a fresh coat of polyurethane.  I've also hauled out the jigsaw and started cutting hand holds.  Anyone who has had to help me load or unload the deck will appreciate this.  Still left to do is find a new mast and possibly redo the rope work.  With the cutouts from the hand holds, I will make name plates that can be hung below our sign (see below).

I have sent out requests for quotes to some piratical music groups.  When I say "some" I mean two.  Only one returned my email.  The other I will have to call when I get a chance.  Currently, the Bedlam Bards have returned my email with a reasonable price.  The Bilge Pumps aren't answering emails and will have to be contacted by phone.  I will also contact Tartanic to see if they would be willing to play.  Keep in mind that Tartanic will be playing all day in faire, then during the fireworks and finally outside the gate as people leave.  I wouldn't hold my breath that they would want to play for another hour in the camp ground.  If anyone has suggestions for other music groups that fit our genre, please post to the forums.

Dawn has been working on a surprise for our newly initiated.  Details are still being worked out but we hope to have something very nice that our members can wear with their garb that will let everyone know that they are members of Clan P.  This surprise will require some work from Troy as well.  That means Troy needs to get on the site so that we can discuss this work that we volunteered him for.

Vixen will be heading up the menu for initiation night.  She has great plans and all attendees should be quite satisfied.

Travis is working on a sign.  The main home for the sign will be Sherwood, but I hope to be able to have it for viewing opening weekend.  This will depend on Travis' work schedule.

My lovely wife and co-captain has been furiously spewing out a novel that has been trapped in her brain.  Hopefully she hasn't forgotten that she needs to put together the clan oath as well.  I'm willing to bet that all of that writing will help her to put together something fantastic, since creative juices have been like a tidal wave as of late.

Finally, I have to get the official mailings sent out to the qualifying crew.  I will put a notice up when those go out.  If you don't receive one, please don't hate me.  The predominant reason for not being selected is going to be time spent camping with us.  Remember, the Clan was brought about for the campers.  To be initiated, you have to be a camper.  So come and join us.  We've all survived, you have a 98% chance of survival as well (o: