1. Welcome mateys

    Clan P








    A crew of gloriously lazy privateers

    Set Forth

  2. Yarrrr!

    We are Clan Procrastination.

    Gloriously Lazy Privateers.

    A diverse group of friends who share a common love for renaissance festivals. Under the guise of privateers, we routinely invade our local faires where we have been known to frolic and play while dressed in garb. We are a tight knit family with members ranging in age from four years old to seventy-four years old.

    We can be found camping behind Chaos, on row 0, at the Texas Renaissance Festival or camping near the faire entrance at Sherwood Forest Faire. Our small boat deck and clan flag are unique to our camp, so keep an eye out. We welcome visitors to camp and are happy to share a laugh around our camp fire.

    We all have to live out our lives here in the real world, but sometimes it's really nice to escape the weight of reality and slip away for a short time into a place of imagination and creativity. Come and join us.

    The Procrastinators

    Here's a health to one and all
    To the big and to the small
    To the rich and poor alike and foe and friends
    And when I return again
    May our foes have turned to friends
    And may peace and joy be with you until then

    -- By Tommy Makem

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    Latest News

    Latest crew happenings...

    Keep up to date with what the crew are up to.

    Here you will find the newsletters that are put out by our ship's commander. The current events, scheduled gatherings, upcoming boarding parties and any other items that fit the Captain's whim.

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  4. The Crew's Ramblings

    Let them be heard...

    On occasion our illustrious crew are known to find some time and energy to offer their worldy insight.

    Here you will find the ramblings our faithful crew members. One never knows what the crew will go on about this day.

    See for Yourself

    It’s wonderful living the life of a pirate
    With the freedom to take what we can
    And we’ll sail the world over, searchin’ for plunder
    Not fearin’ to face any man, not fearin’ to face any man

    -- By The Rambling Sailors

  5. The Crew's Forum

    Here There Be Pirates...

    The forums are for crew only.

    All crew are encouraged to use the forums to stay in touch. The forums will be utilized to discuss upcoming outings, work parties, fun parties and any topics that come to mind.

    Authorized Crew Only

    Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.

    -- Napoleon Hill